Test Conditions

For all who wish to see for themselves that car sharing is easy and provides you with the right vehicle
for any occasion, teilAuto Neckar-Alb offers a three-month, non-binding, car sharing trial period. You can register for the test period between every May 1st and July 31st. For example, if you come and register July 31st, your test period with the test conditions starts the same day and lasts three months.

  • half the usual deposit sum
  • no standing charge
  • no registration fee (Standard Tariff)

Should you decide in favour of teilAuto after your three-month trial, your contract will automatically be continued with Standard conditions. If you decide that teilAuto is not for you however, you can terminate your contract at any time.

Car sharing is the solution of choice for all who

  • want to have sustainable mobility
  • drive less than approximately 7.500 kilometers per year
  • do not need a vehicle on a daily basis
  • would like to do away with their second car
  • do not care for visits to the car garage, car washing or tire change
  • would like to have the option to use other car sharing provider's services, Germany-wide

Do you have any questions ? Please contact us.