General Information

The costs break down as follows:

  • The only fixed cost to you, is our Monthly standing charge.
  • For your registration, you pay a one time Registration fee.
  • You place a Deposit sum with us as colateral.
  • Your Driving costs are calculated from the booked time period, the driven kilometers and the booking fee.
  • Any costs for operating materials, insurance and service, and VAT are covered by the driving costs.
  • The monthly invoice for your driving costs is clear and transparent.

Students and BonusCard owners, can use teilAuto's services at particularly favourable tariffs.

You want to use your teilAuto vehicle as a business car? Be it for your base coverage, or to meet peaks in demand, in concert with your own vehicle fleet, or instead of it - tell us about your needs and we will make you an offer!

Besides being a registered teilAuto user, you are also a member of our cooperative?
Then you will benefit further. Your advantages!

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