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How it works

Selecting Your Verhicle and Booking:

Every teilAuto vehicle, from compact car to transport van is booked, either via
the Internet, smartphone or our call center.

The travel costs consist of the time booked an the kilometers traveled. Fuel, maintenance and insurance are includet - it's worth it!

Easy Start, Easy Return:

At the start of your trip, unlock the teilAuto vehicle with your access card. Then take the
car key out of the glove compartment and start the car. Only open and close the vehicle with the key while you are in use. Upon return, put the key on the blue chip into the bracket and put back in the glove compartment and lock the car via your access card. In case you need to refuel, you may do so on our cost, using the fuel card on board every vehicle. You will receive a detailed statement of your journeys every month.

Please make sure to read the information on the Vehicles and Selection and booking, and on the
Tariffs and Contract Terms

Our Trial Conditions

  • no registration fee
  • no standing charge
  • only half the deposit

are available regularly from May 1st to July 31st, for a three-month, non-binding trial period.

Should you decide in favor of teilAuto at the end of the trial period, the contract will automatically be extended with standard conditions. If teilAuto is not for you, you may terminate the contract at any time.

To do this, please send an email to info@teilauto-neckar-alb.de stating your name and user number and send us your access card. The deposit will be transferred to your account after two months at the latest. This ensures that all claims have been settled.