How It Works

Please note:

The English language user introduction takes place after telephone consultation.

Please contact Mr. Christian Guhl via e-mail: and make an appointment.

For the contract closure, please come to our office, carrying your driver's license
and ID. There you will receive a comprehensive introduction.

Our opening hours for contract closure and introduction: 
Tübingen     Tue at 16:00 and 17:00 hours, Thu at 11:00 and 12:00 hours
Reutlingen   Wed 15:00 to 16:00 hours

You do not need to make an appointment.

Introductions in each case start at the given time and take about 30 minutes.
For the contract closure, please download the suitable documents and fill-in the fields highlighted in green. Please bring the filled-out documents, your driver's license and ID. In order to ensure a smooth process, we kindly ask that you please be punctual.

Selecting Your Verhicle and Booking:
Every teilAuto vehicle, from compact car to transport van is booked, either via
the Internet, smartphone or our call center.

Easy Start, Easy Return:
At the start of your trip, unlock the teilAuto vehicle with your access card. Then take the
car key out of the glove compartment and start the car. Upon return, put the key back in
the glove compartment and lock the car via your access card. In case you need to refuel,
you may do so on our cost, using the fuel card on board every vehicle.

Please make sure to read the information on the Vehicles and Selection and booking, and on the
Tariffs and Contract Terms

Our Trial Conditions

  • no registration fee
  • no standing charge
  • only half the deposit (standard)

are available regularly from May 1st to July 31st, for a three-month, non-binding trial period.

Should you decide in favor of teilAuto at the end of the trial period, the contract will automatically be extended with standard conditions. If teilAuto is not for you, you may terminate the contract at any time.