Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer questions on all matters carsharing! Did we miss anything?

Please give us a call (07071-360306) or write us an e-mail.



Whether carsharing is worthwhile for you, depends on your needs regarding mobility. If you only need a car from time to time and if you can cover your day to day distances on foot, by bicycle, bus or rail, then carsharing is an ideal supplement. If you drive less than about 7500 km per year, teilAuto is more economical for you than a private car.



At the start of the contract, a one-off admission fee and, if necessary, a deposit must be paid. You are refunded the deposit within two months after your membership withdrawal. Further informations.



The costs for a trip depend on your chosen tariff, the size of the vehicle (XXS to XXL), how long you need it and how many kilometers you drive (see Tariff calculator).



We offer reduced tariffs for students and owners of the BonusCard. Additionally we offer a frequent driver discount and a frequent driver tariff. For detailed information, please see Tariffs.



We will send you a monthly invoice for your travel expenses. The sum will be collected from your account via direct debit (Lastschrift) on a monthly basis.




Each teilAuto vehicle has a fixed parking site. You must always return your vehicle to the exact same place you picked it up from.



You can register online or come by in person after registering online. If you would like to come in person, please make an appointment by email or telephone.

You close a contract with us and receive an access card and a user manual. Normally you will be able to book a teilAuto vehicle the very next day.


You may terminate the contract at any time. Simply send your termination notice in by e-mail, stating your name and user number. After your membership's expiry and return your access card. After the contract termination, we will refund your deposit within a two-month period.


No, in the interest of our non-smoking members and child passengers, all our vehicles are non-smoking.


You can pick up your car day and night, i.e. you are not bound to any opening hours. The booking periods are completely flexible. You may book your vehicle, but for an hour, or two whole days. It's up to you.

The fuel price is already included in the kilometer rate. During your trip, refueling is on our cost. Use the fuel card which can be found on board every vehicle.

The Routex card is accepted at participating petrol stations across Europe.Should our fuel card not be accepted, please advance the payment and attach it to the envelope. Furthermore, make a note in the remark list. We will settle your advance payment in the next invoice.



No, only if there is, but a quarter tank or less fuel left, you need to refuel. This is so that the subsequent driver can get underway right away.


Yes, but the animals must be kept in a closed animal box in the trunk. Special cleaning due to remaining contamination by animals (e.g. hair) will be billed at cost.


By default, the registration works completely online. If you would like a personal briefing, please call the teilAuto office to make an appointment.

Electric Cars

Yes, like every other teilAuto as well.

No, all e-cars are automatic cars.

Yes, your driving style has an essential influence on the mileage. The estimation of range, shown at the start of your trip, is based on the driving style of the prior users. Ideally, you use the “Eco-Mode”.


Please look for a charging possibility close-by. We recommend the app from the municipal utility Tübingen, the “Lade TÜStrom” app. The card is in the vehicle.


Yes, you can find a detailed description of the charging procedure in the log book of the car.


Yes, each user has to connect the e-car to the electric vehicle charging station.

Please check if the car is correctly connected to the electric vehicle charging station as described in the log book. If the charging still does not start, please inform the service center immediately. 


No, you can use the vehicle without inputing a PIN.


You may book immediately prior to the start of your trip, or several months in advance - however you like. Most trips with teilAuto are booked less than 24 hours in advance.


No, only registered teilAuto users may book our vehicles.


As a general rule: Do not calculate your booking to tightly, to avoid unnecessary stress. 

You can use the usual booking systems to extend your trip up to the start of the next booking.

If it is not possible to return the vehicle on time, for example due to a traffic jam, please inform the service center 07071-1388335 immediately and inform them that you will not be able to meet the return date. We will then not charge any late fees, only the additional time you need. We'll take care of notifying the next customer and offer a replacement vehicle.



Immediately after your booking period has expired, you may still open it with your access card.

Otherwise book the car for half an hour. In both cases, please make sure to still write a notice, . Then we will not charge you for the booking.


Yes, you can. Cancellations up to 24 hours before the start of the booking period a charge free. If you cancel your booking within 24 hours, we will charge you half the booking period cost.


Yes, many of our customers go on holidays with our teilAuto vehicles. You may of course go on trips abroad. Please make sure however, to clear the necessary formalities required for the individual countries, in good time in advance. Please mind to book in a timely manner.


For every full hour the car is returned earlier than originally booked, only half will be charged. The time stops as soon as the car is locked again from the outside using the card or the app.

Vehicles, Sites, Accessories

Only a few vehicles are outfitted with a trailer coupling. These vehicles have the remark "AHK" in the column "Besonderheiten" of the list "Fahrzeuge und Stationen".

Please note:

  • The teilAuto must be suitable for the expected tensile and drawbar load! Use the vehicle data (vehicle registration document) to check whether the maximum permitted loads are not exceeded.
  • Make sure that your driver's license gives you the authority to drive the trailer.

You can choose from more than 180 vehicles in Tübingen, Reutlingen and surrounding areas. We have a wide range of models, from compact cars to transport vans.


All our vehicles (with the expection of transport vans), have a child booster seat cussion (17 – 36 kg). For additional or smaller children, we must ask that you provide adequate safety seats yourself.


Normally the maximum roof load inkl. the mounting system is 50 kilograms. The maximum roof load is independent of the vehicle model.


Some of our vehicles are outfitted with a navigation system. You can find out which ones from the list "Vehicles and Stations.  Additionally you may also borrow a navigation system from the teilAuto office.

Yes, we have roof racks for many of our vehicle models available in the teilAuto office. 


Carsharing vehicles are excluded.


Insurance & Liability

Yes, so long as you are in the vehicle as well and have made sure that the driver has a valid driver's license and is fit to drive.


Yes, passengers have insurance protection via our third-party vehicle insurance.


All vehicles come with a full cover collision damage waiver and third-party vehicle insurance. You will only be liable in case of damage caused by your own fault and only up to the maximum excess (1000,- Euros). You can reduce this to 350 Euros with an insurance,  give us a call, we will be happy to advise you.


There is an option to reduce the maximum excess, from 1000,- Euros to 350,- Euros, for one accident per year and user/account, by payment of an annual fee of 35,- Euros. For a possible second or any additional accidents the full excess each does apply.


In the event of an accident, the police must be called immediately and at all times. You can also contact the service center or our emergency number Tel. 07071-1388335, where you will receive further instructions if required. If possible, take photos of the damage to the vehicle of the other party in the accident and make sure to receive the accident report from the police.

Afterwards, send us the accident report and the photos, we will take care of the rest of the process for you.

We have concluded a cover letter for all vehicles. The services are comparable to ADAC, the validity is Europe-wide. In the event of a breakdown, contact the service center or our emergency number Tel. 07071-1388335, we will put you in contact with the cover letter hotline. All information can be found in the log book.