Our Team

Our twelve-employee strong teilAuto team offers a good, transparent and personal car sharing service.

In case of any questions, our customer service is available to you during our Opening hours. Our vehicle park team ensures that the technical condition of all our vehicles is flawless at all times.

Elke Gold and Andreas Koppo, the former CEOs of Ökostadt, have been appointed the executive board members of the teilAuto Neckar-Alb eG. The "Face of teilAuto“ remains unchanged – tried and true!

The executive board is assisted by Anita Gaiser, who is responsible for projects, marketing and public relations of the teilAuto Neckar-Alb eG

Our emergency telephone (07071 - 1 388 335) will support you in case of problems - seven days a week from 8:00 to 22:00 hours. In our cooperative's car garage any damage is repaired quickly, reliably and cost-effective.

Our head office is located at Tübingen's Lorettoplatz.

In Reutlingen we have an Office which is staffed by the hour. In towns and villages outside of Tübingen or Reutlingen, we either have Local partners who can assist you with contract closures and in case of all important questions round and about teilAuto, or you can come to Tübingen or Reutlingen. We are happy to assist you.

Do You Have Any Questions? Please Contact Us.