Cleaning and disinfection of our vehicles

Cleanliness in our cars is particularly important to us in this corona situation. The cars are regularly and full cleaned and disinfected, which is of course not possible after each use.

Please also take care of everything you need yourself. If necessary, you will find a disinfectant spray in the teilAuto (for hand and surface).

In addition, for your own precaution, we ask you to take into account the general information from the Robert Koch Institute.

Please be considerate of the community!

Do not leave any rubbish, of course, any used mouth and nose masks in the car. Used handkerchiefs, disposable gloves or the like are just as unreasonable. Please always adhere to the applicable hygiene regulations.

If you notice gross soiling before starting your journey, please report it to us. This is the only way we can determine who is responsible and invoice them for the necessary intermediate cleaning.

We are always available for any further questions.

Your teilAuto team