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We are your service provider for sustainable mobility in Tübingen, Reutlingen and Zollern-Alb. Already in 1993, we were founded as an association. With our new cooperative structure we can ensure the future viability and growth potential of car sharing. To convert to the legal form of a cooperative was a very deliberate choice. The secure and tried legal form of the cooperative offers:

  • A cooperative is the social model for cooperation in economy and society
  • As a cooperative we can act together and achive more
  • As a member you can take active part in the decision making and share in the responsibility
  • A registered cooperative (German: eingetragene Genossenschaft, short eG) stands for cooperation, autonomy and regional competence

A cooperative is democratic, flexible and secure. Together we can make sure that individual mobility becomes ecologically and socially sustainable.


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A membership in the teilAuto Neckar-Alb eG is the right choice for all who want their action to have a high ecological and social impact. Additionally, as a cooperative member, you actively invest in our region! Therefore the cooperative provides all interested people with the possiblity to share in the development and chances of teilAuto and the underlying idea.

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Your Advantages as a teilAuto Customer

As a member of the cooperative, you receive a 3% discount on the time based price. In addition, the deposit is waived for members of the cooperative. An existing deposit can be converted into shares of the cooperative. A dividend payment is possible. Just call us, we will be happy to help!


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