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Did you know that one teilAuto replaces 15 private cars and that a private car is on average 23 h a day unused? Yet, it still causes cost. Paying for a car only when you need it, is often less expensive than you think - even for the new drivers!

There are good reasons to get on:

  • You drive less than 7,500 km a year?
  • You don´t need a car daily?
  • You want to use public transportation or a bike as well – or you are already using them?
  • You don´t want to go to a repair shop, or dealing with fixed cost?
  • You want to be mobile in a sustainable way and contribute to climate protection in the mobility sector?

Then you should check if carsharing could be a reasonable alternative to your own car or a substitute to your second car. With our tariff calculator you can calculate your cost for a drive.

Besides that:

  • Many routes in the city can be done better and faster by foot, bike, or bus?
  • With carsharing you always have an the right car in Tübingen, Reutlingen, and in the Neckar-Alb area, as well as many other cities in Germany.
  • Nationwide cross-use booking is available with our carsharing partners! You can find them via the booking system.

teilAuto environmental and social

Environmental sustainability is a key factor for us, also when purchasing new cars. Although the total energy balance for e-cars is currently not yet completely convincing, there are controversial views and studies on this, we believe in electromobility. Market obstacles like the range or the charging infrastructure have been improving continuously, and the payment systems have become more assessable. Overall, there is an alignment of the market.

Our social tariff, allow people with a tight budget to use a car.

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