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Carsharing has several advantages over classic company car solutions: Whetherfor a business meeting with a customer, for transporting goods, or simply for a staff outing. Carsharing allows business customers to be mobile and flexible without having to finance an own corporate fleet. Carsharing also enables a company to handle a peak in demand within the corporate fleet. Additionally, with car sharing, there is no need to keep an unnecessarily large number of vehicles available; an increasing workforce can be faced without an increasing corporate fleet.

With teilAuto Neckar-Alb Carsharing companies, tradesmen, and associations are always mobile even without an own corporate fleet.

There are good reasons to get on:

  • Each employee of your company and each member of you association can use the teilAuto cars
  • Pay only for your actual mobility demand
  • Available 24/7
  • Booking is possible on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis
  • The cost for a teilAuto are operating expenses which can be alleged
  • Detailed monthly invoicing
  • Subscription-based booking: your teilAuto regularly available to you within your defined time period
  • No acquisition cost, no parking space problems, no fleet management needed
  • Fuel and vehicle damage insurance are included
  • Efficient and ecofriendly
  • Many different car classifications are available: from compact cars, over station wagons, to vans
  • Over 100 different cars in Tübingen

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