Those who do not have to travel their daily distances with their private car, will instead use bus and rail, teilAuto, their bicycle or walk on foot.

teilAuto and naldo have been cooperating for years, making the combination of naldo subscription ticket and teilAuto ever more attractive.

Subscription ticket

If you combine teilAuto with a subscription ticket of the linked transport system Neckar-Alb-Donau, or short naldo, your mobility is sustainable and very economic.

Additionally, you may opt to switch to a teilAuto-Job-Ticket which is far cheaper than a regular subscription ticket.


teilAuto customers can choose between acquiring a personalized or transferable subscription for a Job-Ticket. The ticket is sent to you on a monthly basis, together with your teilAuto invoice. For the ticket we send an extra invoice which is also collected separately.

teilAuto Discounts:

naldo subscription ticket owners (including Abo25, senior ticket and youth ticket) that become teilAuto members, pay half the subscription fee (25,- €). Single-users make half the deposit (200,- €) and pay a reduced standing charge of 6,- € per month. Households (at least one subscription ticket) make a deposit of 400,- € and pay a standing charge of 10,- € per month.
These discounts do only apply for as long, as you have a valid annual subscription ticket for naldo (naldo-Jahres-Abo). You need to present us with the ticket once per year, otherwise you will change
automatically in the Clever- or Light tariff. We appriciate your understanding

The student semester ticket is not part of the cooperation.


Combs (Waben) personalYou savetransferableYou save
1 (e.g. Kusterdingen – Tübingen)49,54 €4,36 €54,90 €4,60 €
2 (e.g. Reutlingen – Tübingen)67,87 €5,93 €75,20 €6,40 €
3 (e.g. Hechingen – Tübingen)100,02 €8,68 €110,73 €9,37 €
4 (e.g. Balingen – Tübingen)132,26 €11,54 €146,55 €12,35 €
5 Whole network (e.g. Albstadt – Tübingen)161,77 €14,13 €179,16 €15,14 €
City tariff Tübingen38,79 €4,81 €43,13 €5,07 €