Selection and Booking

Here you can see a summary overview of all our sites, their respective parking spaces and available vehicle types, complete with the respective tariff class. You can also book here directly. After choosing your vehicle, go to "book", then the menu prompts you to log in. The "Filter" menu allows you to sort by fare categories that allow you to display free vehicles in your selected time period.
For technical information on the individual vehicles, please see the area Vehicles.

You will find a detailed guide to the new booking system at "" under the heading "more/instruction".

The display of your previous and already booked vehicles can not currently be viewed via the new system, as well as cross-use booking via Cambio. Until all functions have been created in the new system, we have created the opportunity for you to log in as before.

Old booking system   

teilAuto informs: Cleaning and disinfection of our vehicles

All of the service staff are sensitized to the subject an attach particular importance to thorough desinfection of the steering wheel, the gear lever, the hand brake, the ignition key, the touch screens, as well as window regulators an door handles.

We also ask you for your own provision, the general information from the "Robert Koch Institute".

If you want to be on the safe side, disinfect the vehicle parts to be touched yourselv before use and wear gloves if necessary.