Become a Private Customer

The easiest way to become a teilAuto customer is to register online.

  • Select Main contract to register alone or as the first customer of a household.
  • Select Second contract to register as an additional member of a household.


Main contract   Second contract


Before using a teilAuto vehicle for the first time, a driver's license validation is required at our office. At this appointment, we will also instruct you in the usage of our cars.

  • Please make an appointment by calling 07071-360306 or sending an e-mail to
  • You should bring 20 minutes for the appointment.

Please bring with you:

  1. Driver's license
  2. Identiy card
  3. If applicable, student ID card, KreisBonusCard, severley disabled ID or Naldo annual ticket
  • Any start-up costs such as deposit or admission fee can be paid by EC card or in cas
  • You can drive immediately afterwards

If an appointment is not possible during our business hours, the driver's license validation and instruction can also be done online or by phone.

You may terminate the contract at any time. Simply send your termination notice in by e-mail, stating your name and user number. After your membership's expiry and return your access card. After the contract termination, we will refund your deposit within a two-month period.